April 22, 2016

"I absolutely love this key shop. The employees are very kind and friendly and they always provide wonderful service and always with a smile."
August 6, 2013

"I have been primarily very disappointed with most of the services, restaurants, etc. in the Lawton/Ft. Sill area - but not this business. Let me tell you why. I had two keys made here about two months ago. Simple enough. Yesterday morning, I locked myself out of my apartment, but was prepared. One of those keys i had made was in my car. Took that key and then tried to open my door. It did not work. Had no other options. Got in the car and went to this business. Said calmly what happened. They said we will fix it. They almost immediately got in their van (as soon as arrangements could be made to get someone else to watch their store). Came over to my place near Medicine Park. Tried to get in, but could not. Went to plan B. Got in. Completely replaced the two locks on that door AND the lock to my storage unit nearby. Quickly done. COST? $00.00. Who in he hell does this anymore???????? They are the best not only in Lawton for this type of service but sort of makes you believe in what should happen everywhere. Can not say enough positive about this business. They put most others to shame...really mean that. Anything you need security wise/lock wise/etc. be sure to consider these people."